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    What dates can you set prices on?

    There are three types of settings that also help you to set different prices eg. for a continuous period or a holiday.
    Default pricing and rules
    Default pricing and rules have no timeframe so they remain in effect until you modify them, or a season or feature nights override them.
    A continuous period with pricing and rules applied to every night between a start date and an end date. Overrides the default settings between a start date and an end date.
    Featured nights
    Not necessarily consecutive nights which can be selected individually (e.g.: setting the same price for Thanksgiving and Christmas). Overrides both default and seasonal settings.

    Booking rules

    The booking rules are up to you. You can set the minimum number of nights guests have to book or the maximum length of their stay, minimum advance booking time, check in and check out days.
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    Pricing rules

    You can choose from different types of pricing. Set a flat rate regardless of how many guests stay in a given room, or decide to change the prices between tiers, for instance: 1–3 guests can stay one night for €28 and 4–6 guests can stay one night for €44. You can also set the prices per guest or different weekend rates.
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    Motivate bookings with discounts!

    Discounts and promotions can influence travelers to book your place. Get more guests with last-minute and weekday discounts, or build your brand by sending return guest discounts to those who have already stayed at your accommodation.

    Discounts and promotions

    Set a discounted booking period and choose whether it's valid everyday, on weekdays or only on weekends. Showcase your discounted prices next to your original prices for your guests to see how much they can save if they book today!
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