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Enjoy all the features GoDirect has to offer from setting extra services, customizing fonts and colors, to GDPR compliance and more.
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    Payment in advance by bank card

    With Appartman's payment integration, your guests will have the opportunity to settle the amount of the advance with a bank card in addition to the transfer. For this, we use the Stripe system and the payment takes place between the account of the guest and the host. After that, Stripe charges 1.5% + 0,25€ per transaction.
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    Enjoy all the benefits on your own website

    GoDirect will be your own booking website with automation. No need to make calls and send template emails or to reply to questions about availability.

    GDPR compliance

    GDPR compliance is not only mandatory but it is also a huge responsibility to handle your guests' data and to inform them correctly. With GoDirect you don't need to spend a fortune on legal advisors, we got you covered with Privacy Policy and Terms of Service tailored to your accommodation.
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    Extra services

    Offer cross-sell services and increase your income. Extra services like breakfast. EV charging or jacuzzi are a great way to increase your income and your guests' experience. You can set up and customize your services with ease in GoDirect.

    A solution tailored to your needs

    We are constantly improving our software based on the feedback of our users to provide the best possible service and to meet the needs of all accommodation providers. Positive reviews confirm that we are on the right track and motivate us to give even more to those who choose us.

    Sync Google Reviews

    Attract more guests by displaying your Google Business reviews. The total score of the Google reviews (e.g. 4.7/5 stars) and the number of reviews will be displayed on your booking interface.
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    Font and color customization

    You can customize the appearance of the reservation interface, providing your guests with an even more personal experience. Pair beautiful colors with user friendly fonts!
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