Automated and customizable emails

Stop struggling to write emails and reduce your everyday administration time.
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    Customizing booking emails is a breeze with GoDirect

    Improve guest experience by sending pre-arrival emails to your guests about the deposit, house rules or anything you want to include. Collect reviews automatically.

    A message for every occasion

    You can set several different types of emails to be sent automatically. Such as booking confirmation, pre-arrival information, check-in and check-out information or you can ask your guests to rate their time at your place by sending a follow-up email.
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    Manual or automatic booking confirmation

    You don't have to automate everything if you don't want to. You can filter guests by deciding which booking requests to accept or decline. Everything is just one click away.
    You can confirm or reject booking request right from our automatic notification email or from the admin interface of GoDirect.
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    Communicate with your guests more easily!

    Guests expect communication and feedback. With automated emails, you can give them that without having to be on call all the time. You can confirm the booking instantly, send a reminder before the check-in date, ask afterwards how they felt and collect positive reviews. All automated, without the need for constant correspondence!

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